*Mature audiences only. 18+*

This site is a couples release. We have been together for a total of two years now and we figure Tumblr would be an easy way to show and learn new sexual fantasy for one another. We Love each other with everything that we both have, and we actually have never really had just sex before because we have always made love one another. And I know some people think that sounds stupid and cheesy, but honestly I don't care what you think or have to say about us. We both know how much we love each other and we plan on spending the rest of our lives together, and making Love between us just brings us closer and closer with every stroke, thrust, and orgasm. It just let's us share each other again and again, and I Love Every single bit of my woman, even though she might think I'm lying or she just doesn't like herself that day, she is always perfect for me. :,)
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